3150B Dual Stacked LPDA Antenna

ETS-Lindgren's Model 3150B Dual Stacked LPDA is a dual stacked log periodic dipole array antenna (LPDA), with each of the two LPDAs being 100 Ω antennas. When assembled in parallel, the result is a 50 Ω input impedance array.​ This array provides increased gain when compared to a single LPDA. Low VSWR provides an excellent match with the amplifier, resulting in a high field generated related to input power. This antenna is suitable for situations where high fields need to be generated, such as military and in automotive EMC applications.


Frequency Range

The 3150B covers the 80 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range. This antenna can generate 200 V/m with less than 1 kW of input power at 1 m distance for the 100 MHz to 1 GHz range. When combined with ETS-Lindgren’s 3159 or 3158 High Power Biconical Antennas, the 3150B becomes integral part of ETS-Lindgren’s high severity level immunity solution.


The Model 3150B's average VSWR is 2:1 across the frequency range. This antenna comes fitted with a 7/16 DIN coaxial connector, which can handle 3 kW at 1 GHz and up to 5 kW of input power at 80 MHz.


The Model 3150B generates high fields as required in automotive EMC applications per standards such as ISO 11541-2 or MIL-STD susceptibility testing. Additionally, this antenna can be used as a receive antenna.

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