The state of 5G in Canada; FR1, FR2 and a look into 6G


The state of 5G in Canada; FR1, FR2 and a look into 6G

The constant push of technology means there’s a need for higher frequencies, higher bandwidths, smaller, and faster bandwidths.

In this session, we will cover 5G deployment and future plans in Canada. An overview of the policies and decisions from ISED, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada; who are responsible for managing and allocating Canada’s spectrum through public consultation and licensing.

Get a glimpse into 6G, and see some of the solutions that Anritsu has to offer. 5G has barely gotten off to a start and work is being done for Beyond 5G and 6G!

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About the Presenter

Edmond Zauner

Edmond Zauner B.Eng, RF-Microwave, Wireless Application Support, Anritsu Canada

Edmond supports customers with their RF, Microwave, wireless, electro-optical, and signal integrity applications in Canada and the USA while working for major test and measurement and photonics companies since 1983. He has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and MBA degree from McGill University. Edmond has been with Anritsu for 7 years and lives in the Montreal, Quebec area.

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