Testforce Canada has recently expanded its power offerings with AMETEK's IntelliPower division. IntelliPower has been designing, manufacturing, and supporting rugged, and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to protect mission-critical applications in harsh environments since 1988, becoming a key supplier to the US DoD and to several international MoD.

IntelliPower’s product offerings are a perfect fit for demanding environments that require rugged, always-on solutions.

Best for Military operations with a demand for increased ruggedness, readiness, high performance, and reliability of their UPS due to the extreme terrains and climates in which they must seamlessly perform.

Rugged UPS are increasingly critical during extended operations. They prevent data loss, maintain battery charge, and provide reliable, continuous power, and surge protection.

Testforce’s technical team has vast experience collaborating with customers to discover the best solution for any power application. Extending the product range to include IntelliPower allows Testforce to offer a broader product range for more rugged applications.