Product Overview of Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740B

The benchtop Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740B features wide dynamic range, high resolution, and fast sweep speeds over a wavelength range of 600 nm to 1750 nm. It supports multimode fiber input and is ideal for manufacturing and evaluating 850-nm band VCSEL modules.

As well as keeping the same functions and performance as its predecessor, the MS9740B slashes measurement processing times by up to half*1 while overcoming problems of decreased measurement sensitivity caused by increased processing speed.

Moreover, it retains optical active device (LD-Module, DF-LD, FP-LD, LED, PMD, WDM, Opt Amp, and WDM Filter) measurement menu screens for evaluating devices. It supports all-at-once measurements of key evaluation items, such as optical center wavelength, level, OSNR, spectrum width, etc., and displays these results at one screen.


  • Wide dynamic range and high-speed measurement at optical receiver bandwidths used commonly by customers within production lines for optical active devices
  • SMSR measurement at 45 dB minimum
  • Maximum measurement processing time*2 of 0.35s (sweeping 30-nm wavelength)
  • Same key functions and performance as predecessor, supporting various production-line environments
  • Wide wavelength band (600 nm to 1750 nm) for evaluating all optical active devices

Nine application menus for LD-module, WDM, etc., measurements

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